Whatʼs all this about privacy?

Presented without citations, because if you do not do your own research, then that is your problem, not mine.

You have probably heard the phrase "If you have nothing to hide, why worry about people spying on you?" at some point in your life. I have even said it myself.

What does a law-abiding citizen have to fear from Big Scary Things like the FBI and the NSA and the CIA and all the other three letter acronyms?

Unfortunately, that is not who is spying on you. (Much.)

I fully understand the need to revoke the right to privacy in order to prevent crime. If terrorists or pedophiles were found on my site, you can bet I would give the FBI root access. As long as it is not something insidious like the Chinese, I am fine with it.

The issue is not the government, but thousands of corporations that track your every activity.

Sure, you are not committing any crimes or sowing discontent or threatening any rich people, but do you really want landlords having access to every text message you have ever sent for the purposes of "background checks" to determine if you will pay rent on time and will not complain if they take advantage of you? Because they do that now.

The services provided by this site are not for hiding from the government (although they could be used for that). The services provided by this site are for reducing the rape of your very identity by soulless profiteers and white-collar criminals.

Damn; what can I do?

Apart from becoming active in politics? Not much. But here are some things that I recommend: